Fedor Durandin's biography

Fedor Durandin

Singer, pianist, ensemble and orchestra artist

Jazz, soul, pop, rock music...

St. Petersburg Russia

Musicians of the city of St. Petersburg, Singer and Pianist - Fedor Durandin

About Himself

Fedor Durandin is an academic and solo pianist, concert master, teacher, ensemble and orchestra artist by profession. A jazz singer by vocation, who also performs soul, rock, hits, popular music, soundtracks.

Participates in the Hollywood and Broadway Melodies program of the Jazz Philharmonic (St. Petersburg). Join jam sessions at Hat Music Bar, White Night Jazz Restaurant. He performs as a soloist with the CappuccinoChai band and the acapella ensemble PLUSFIVE.

Music Path

Born on January 22, 1991 in the city of Cheboksary, which many people call "the heart of the Volga" and "the pearl of the Volga region", in the family of an engineer and a doctor. At the age of five he entered Cheboksary's No.1 music school named after H.M. Maksimov in the piano class.

The realization of himself as a musician did not come at once, but with the passage of time, when he saw himself in the music and decided to dedicate his life to it.


After graduating from music school in 2008, he joined the piano department of Rimsky-Korsakov College, and then the Institute of Music, Theatre and Choreography of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A. I. Herzen. He received a special education in jazz music at the jazz school "Jazz & Musical School".
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Participation in festivals and contests

List of festivals and competitions with the participation of the singer:
  • Winner of the international competition for young jazz artists "Autumn Marathon - 2014", St. Petersburg.
  • Finalist of the International Jazz Competition for Young Performers "Big Sky - 2017" in the category "Best Vocalist", Central House of Cinema, Moscow.
  • International Festival Jazzman - 2018, St. Petersburg.
Fedor Durandin Participates in the Hollywood and Broadway Melodies program. The program is held monthly at the Jazz Philharmonic, where the singer performs on stage with the ensemble of David Goloshchekin, multi-instrumentalist and jazz composer, the People's Artist of Russia.
Concert halls

Fedor Durandin is a permanent resident of the Jazz Music Philharmonic (St. Petersburg) and has experience of performing on the stage of Academic Glinka Capella (St. Petersburg), of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre (St. Petersburg), of the White Hall of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, of the Grand Concert Hall Oktyabrsky (BKZ), of the Cultural and leisure center Moskovsky (St. Petersburg), of the House of Cinema (Moscow).

He is the regular participant of jam sessions, improvised performances of different musicians in the Philharmonic, in the jazz club The Hat, in the White Night restaurant (everything is in St. Petersburg).

By invitation he performs in private events, presenting music of different styles, from jazz to rock.


Teacher at the Children's Music School No. 41 (St. Petersburg). He also gives private individual vocal and piano lessons.